VCAT Red Dot Decision

Resident Car Parking Waivers

VCAT have recently released a Red Dot Decision regarding car parking provision and the waiver of resident parking. The proposed development in Brunswick sought a reduction in parking for three-bedroom dwellings (from two spaces to one) and was initially refused citing concern around the adverse impact of a reduction in car parking on residentially zoned on-street parking (amongst other grounds).

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The Tribunal considered the waiver and noted the following:

“Our roads are already congested and will be unimaginably so if a ‘business-as- usual’ approach is accepted through until 2050. The stark reality is that the way people move around Melbourne will have to radically change, particularly in suburbs so well served by different modes of public transport and where cycling and walking are practical alternatives to car based travel...Oversupplying parking, whether or not to comply with Clause 52.06, has the real potential to undermine the encouragement being given to reduce car based travel in favour of public transport, walking and cycling.”

It’s encouraging to see the Tribunal support an appropriate waiver of parking in this case, where planning policy and the site context point to this being a better outcome for the developers, surrounding residents, future residents of the development and the wider Melbourne population.

onemilegrid continue to encourage sustainable development outcomes where a balance is reached between car parking provision, demand and importantly the site context. Feel free to contact us for more information.