Expert Evidence - VCAT & Planning Panels

onemilegrid Directors Valentine Gnanakone, Jamie Spratt and Ross Hill are all experienced and proven traffic and transport experts regularly sought out to present expert evidence to VCAT and Planning Panels for private sector clients and government authorities.

Our evidence team is highly regarded by the Tribunal and across the broader Planning and Property industry. Individually and collectively, the team have built reputations as experts by continually providing a measured and balanced approach on all projects and being a trusted voice of knowledge and expertise to all stakeholders.

We regularly represent property owners, developers and authorities at the Tribunal and Planning Panels for a wide range of reasons from Town Planning Appeals through to Planning Scheme Amendments. Our ability to draw on our wealth of experience alongside our personable approach in engaging with all parties provides comfort and trust to our clients and the Tribunal alike.


Our team has the capabilities to assist with the following:

  • Strategic Transport Planning Advice
  • Preparation of Expert Evidence Statements
  • Representation at Mediation Hearings
  • Presentation of Expert Evidence to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT)
  • Presentation of Expert Evidence to Planning Panels
  • Representation at Legal Conferences

Project Experience

The onemilegrid team has played a leading role in the following projects:

  • Masters Home Improvement Store roll out
  • South Melbourne Lifestyle Centre
  • Frankston Power Centre