Local Area Traffic Management

onemilegrid is at the forefront of the traffic management and traffic planning industry in providing innovative design solutions that meet our client’s specific needs.

Through our extensive experience, onemilegrid team members have acquired a thorough knowledge of road design, an in-depth understanding of current trends and standards and a close working relationship with local councils and VicRoads. We can draw on both this experience and our network to ensure a smooth progression from the initial planning stage and community consultations through to detailed design.

Our experienced staff have the ability to consider the complexities and key issues of road design along with the needs of all stakeholders to design safe, cost-effective solutions which are the most beneficial to the greater community.


  • Preliminary Investigation
  • Community Consultation and Engagement
  • Commissioning traffic surveys
  • Review community feedback and refine LATM treatments
  • Preparation of concept layout plans
  • Construction management plans

Projects Experience

The onemilegrid team has played a major role on the following projects:

  • Taylors Hills West LATM
  • Caroline Springs South LATM