Residential Subdivisions

onemilegrid has a proven track record in delivering the full range of traffic services for residential subdivision design and analysis. We provide clients with end-to-end services from the analysis and design of PSP intersections to enable the preparation of a DCP for the Metropolitan Planning Authority (MPA), through to the preparation of detailed traffic signal plans and advice on road cross-sections.

Through our extensive experience, onemilegrid team members have acquired a thorough knowledge of subdivision design guidelines and requirements and built a close working relationship with growth area councils, MPA and VicRoads. We are able to draw on both this experience and our network to ensure a smooth progression from the initial planning stage to detailed design.


  • Advice on road cross-sections
  • Intersection analysis
  • Intersection and road design
  • Traffic signal design
  • Advice on pedestrian and bicycle routes
  • Advice on traffic control devices, including speed control, court treatments, intersection control, and crossings
  • Advice on public transport routes and infrastructure provision
  • Swept path analysis of road networks
  • Traffic generation and distribution analysis
  • Preparation of Transport Impact Assessments

Project Experience

The onemilegrid team has played a major role on the following projects:

  • Aspect Estate, Officer
  • Mernda Villages, Mernda
  • Horseshoe Bend PSP
  • Donnybrook and Woodstock PSP
  • Ramleigh Springs, Clyde North
  • Aquarevo, Lyndhurst
  • Manor Lakes
  • Yarra’s Edge, Docklands
  • Lyndarum, Epping North
  • St Helena
  • Boardwalk Estate, Point Cook
  • Armstrong Creek
  • Laurimar Estate
  • Renaissance Rise
  • Kingston Downs, Ocean Grove